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I contacted this company with the gaol of refinancing my current mortgage. After going through all of my information, I was asked how much my current balance was.

Since it was under 200k, I was then told "our system is currently down." The Rep then asked for my social security number and said they would call me back when the system was up again. I refused to give the SS# and offered to give other documentation of my credit instead. The rep took my info and said they would get me a good faith estimate as soon as the system was up and running again. It has been over a week since my initial contact and every time I contact the Rep, I get the same response.

"Our system is still down." This company and its employees do not want to assist in refinances lower than 200K because they feel they do not make enough money off the deal. Instead of telling you this, they keep giving you the runaround and put you off. I will not be unsing this company because of their unethical approach to customer service. All this company cares about is how much money they can get from the customer.

If the loan is "too small" in their opnion, you just get ignored.

Think twice before doing any business with this company. This companies only goal is to see how much money they can squeeze out of every customer.

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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #784077

You should talk to a manager... it could be just a bad loan agent.

Or an agent who dropped the ball.

We all make errors from time to time. Don't let you imagination run too far.

Be upfront... talk to the branch manger, then decide if your claim is valid.

Brentwood, New York, United States #715594

Every educated person realizes that a bad comment is a horrible thing to receive! It is even troubling when anyone can just make stories up and have the ability to post them on the Internet with out laws to protect all of us for these malice comments!

Imagine if working extremely hard and ethical and having someone to have the ability to make up a story because they were either fired for not doing there job properly! Or maybe these people just are jealous that people succeed at a company when they couldn't!

I hope this causes everyone to realize that anything that is written without someone signing there real and full name are obviously slander!!!! :?


Sir. Your complaint makes no sense at all. A 200,000 loan is not a small loan and I can't imagine any lender unwilling to make a loan in that amount

to Thomas halloran North Babylon, New York, United States #678918

Interstate Home Loan Center has unlicenced people quoting loans for them when they have no business making those quotes. I know quite a few who still work there that are doing it with no license.

to Julia Rego Park, New York, United States #714002

Interstate home loan center was very helpful with my mortgage They gave me a rate that was better then Chase or wellsfargo. I would recommend to anyone that want great services and honesty.


to Happymadison #731600

I had a good experience. This "complaint ? " makes no sense anyway

to Julia Ivyland, Pennsylvania, United States #806916

It could be a case that that particular individual wasn't licensed in the state were the person was calling from.

Currently an individual must be licensed in the state you do business in and also be registered with the National Mortgage Licensing System.

The same holds true for the company.

They must be licensed in that particular state. So if a company is not licensed in Pennsylvania they or their Loan Originators can't do business in Pennsylvania.

Banks, or National Associations, have different regulations.

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